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Thread: newbie Anavar cycle help

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    Default newbie Anavar cycle help

    Hi guys I have still yet to start my first cycle. Im not looking for big gains at the moment I just want a little extra here and there and to improve my fitness/strength. Therefore i am strongly considering an Anavar only cycle, something like 50mg/day for 6 weeks. My bf is naturally very low doubt its ever been higher than 6%, im 24, 5'11 appox 155lbs. Im fortunate to have good genes, I have 42" chest and 15.5" bis. its my legs which let me down in weight.
    What do you think of anvar only cycle for me?
    How long plus how high should i run nolvadex for pct?
    Anavar can also affect libido so im thinking of getting some viagra/ cialis. What is the best way to use them in order to restore libido?? i.e 1/per day for X No. of days

    Any thoughts are welcome
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