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Thread: Body Hair Removal

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    magic shave? im a britt ao im naturally hairy specially in the upper chest area

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    date an electrolysis

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    Although it's a tiney bit painful... it last longer than shaving. Plus it looks better than shaving and you wont be left with tiny little stubble bumps.

    The least excruciating waxing that I've done is by using the brazillian hard wax. You dont need to use cloth to pull it off and you just grab the wax itself once it hardens and pull (faaaaast). Depending on how fast your hair grows the results will last up to two weeks before having to repeat the procedure again. The more often you wax the less painful it becomes. Also if you decide to go with waxing, I'd suggest to trim the areas you'll be peeling off with some scissors. Doing so also makes the pulling of the wax not as painful.

    Good luck and remember.... Just grip it n' rip it!

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    i use scotch tape.. lmaoo... shaving is the way to go.. used nair once and left it on too long i guess.. ended up pealing off top layer of skin.. nottttt goodddddd.... =/

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