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Thread: cycle # 3 & d-bol ?

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    Default cycle # 3 & d-bol ?

    my nane is nolva I am new to your form, I have done a few cycles of deca and test e. first cycle was deca 250 mg a week for 10 weeks & test e 500mg a week for 10 weeks. second cycle was deca 250 mg a week for 12 weeks test e 750 mg a week for 12 weeks & test p eod 100 mg for 10 weeks and d-bol 40 mg ed for first 4 weeks.
    I am 43 years old
    5' 10"
    210 lbs
    I have worked out for 18 years before I ever did any steroids. I was 185 lbs now I am 210 lbs off cycle. My ? is about a cycle I made up and would like to get your input.
    week 1-10 tren a 75 mg eod
    week 1-10 test e 500 mg once a week
    week 1-4 d-bol 50 mg ed
    week 10-16 d-bol 10 mg ed
    week 17-27 test e 500 mg once a week
    week 17-27 eq 500 mg a week
    every outher week 1500 iu of pregnyl & nolvadex 20 mg ed
    2 weeks after cycle 1500 iu of pregnyl every 3 days for 12 days & clomid 100 mg ed for 2 weeks & 50 mg ed for 2 weeks.
    do you think that d-bol from weeks 10-16 will be ok?
    I read somewhere that d-bol between cycles will keep you from loseing mass.
    I do plan on takeing 12 weeks off after cycle.

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    dbol between cycles is not necessary as long as you have proper PCT completed at the end of the cycle. I don't reccommend doing so.

    I'm gonna re-arrange the cycle for you:

    Tren A.... I'd wait a few more cycles before you get into tren.. but 100mgs every 2 days for 10 weeks is a common dosage. Get some dostinex.

    TrenA - 100mgs eod for 10 weeks
    Test E - 500mgs a week for 14 weeks (2 shots of 250mgs one Monday, one on thursday)
    EQ - 600mg weekly for 16 weeks (2 shots of 300... 2x weekly)
    Dbol - 20-30mgs daily for no more than 6 weeks

    Get arimidex for the gyno the test may create, and get dostinex for the tren. Don't use the nolva during the cycle, the loss of gains will be too great. Only use the arimidex/dostinex if you see signs of gyno (.25 each ed till symptoms clear, then .25 every 3-4 days for the remainder of the cycle thereafter.)

    Nolva as PCT, 2 weeks after last shot 20mgs a day for 2-4 weeks. 4 weeks will leave you better off in this cycle.

    Use clomid only if you have a lot of bloat, I am biased, I don't like clomid.

    HCG should not be necessary at 500mgs of test weekly, but the tren A may be a hassle in this area. You may want the HCG throughout the cycle.
    "Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right."
    - Henry Ford (1863-1947)

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    43 years old
    210 lbs want to get to 230 lbs
    been training 19 years
    5' 10" tall
    bf 15%
    I have done 2 cycles in the past
    deca 250 mg aweek
    test e 500 to 750 mg a week
    d-bol 40 mg ed for 4 weeks
    cycles 10 to 12 weeks
    better details at top of last post

    thanks for your help

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    Hazcat Guest


    Congrats on you accomplishments thus far.
    Looks like you should lean out a little more prior to starting this cycle. I'd much rather see you entering the cycle under 12% body fat. Looking at the first 16 weeks you've got 12 weeks of dbol. When starting off with tren A there's really no reason to use an oral. Tren a kicks in quickly and 7 to 8 weeks is as long as you want to run tren A.

    Weeks 1-8 TrenA - 75 mg's every day or eod
    Weeks 1-16 Test E - 500mgs a week for 16 weeks
    Weeks 1-16 EQ - 600mg weekly for 16 weeks
    Weeks 15-19 - Anavar or Winstrol 50 mg's daily
    Weeks 4-18 - HCG 250 iu's twice a week
    Weeks 4-20 - Dostinex .25 mg's every 3rd day
    Weeks 1-18 - Arimidex .25 mg's every other day
    Weeks 20-23 - Nolvadex 20 mg's daily
    Weeks 23-25 - Nolvdex 10 mg's daily

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    thanks for your advice hazcat, I am not going to start my cycle untill I get all my gear.
    I am working on getting my bf down to 12%. I figure I have about 6 weeks to get are right about the d-bol that is to much & I am going to cut back the tren a to 8 weeks.

    thanks hazcat

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    Cycle looks solid. If you need PCT supplies hit me up for a coupon code to save $$.

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    allready sent off for PCT maybe next time.
    thanks Eclenbuterolrep

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    Can I buy these in the UK?

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