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Thread: puffy nipples + pic...will it go away itself?

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    Well, I dont have arimidex. I dont havemy PCT stuff yet, waiting for that. Thats y i was wonderin if Ergopharms 6-OXO would do the trick, since its an anti-estrogen thing (pretty sure),.. but it also helps with my natural test levels to go back up,... but since im still on test, should i be using this?

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    to be honest i wouldnt trust anything that gnc sells u dont know whats it in unless its simple things like protein creatine n amino acids shit u know whats inside no way wouldnt trust it i mean all they do is sell over priced stuff and know u take shit so they sell things u thnik might help so u can buy at a bad price plus things like steroids unless its not milk thistle or a liver cleaner u shouldnt get anything from their for your cycle so try to get your hands on atleast nolvadex it worked for me as pct only n hope the nipple thing goes away wich i belive most likey will go away just a reaching u get cuz ur body not use to it just like test flu n all that unless its a noticable like hardcore gyno dont worry about n the more u think of it the worst ur gunna feel lol i found that out the hard way

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