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Thread: another guy whos reached his platue =P

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    Default another guy whos reached his platue =P

    hey everyone, ive been working out seriously for almost 2 years now, but im lacking on some parts of my body such as my back and arms, everything else looks good, i just have a really scronny back and arms haha. anytime i train my arms i only get a pump, by the end of my workout out i feel like i can go and do it again, i have tried everything from reps 6-8 or 8-10 with a bunch of different exercises but no matter wat i do i cant seem to kill them as much anymore, any suggestions? i tried a wieght gainers before fr putting mass but that shit just adds to ur belly mostly

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    Welcome, now post your diet. Not just "I eat really good" every thing you ate for the last 2 days. if you don't have a controlled diet, write down every meal for the NEXT 2 days and post it in the diet forum. What questions did you have?
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    well try switching things around when my tri's became my weak point and my biceps over powered thing i moved things around so u hit your weak points alot more then your stronger ones start with with bicep instead of back or start with triceps instead of chest blast them and eat alot and dont be so harsh on your self remember to fix a weak point cant take years of hitting it just try to keep it evened all out

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    For back do you mean small in terms of width or thickness? For arms, I'm willing to bet you cheat too much on your exercises. List what you do for back and arms. Also list how they relate to the rest of your routine (ie are they on the same day? are they trained the day after doing legs? etc)
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    my back is small and boney no mass on it wat so ever, and for arms i dont like to cheat cuz i wana kill them as bad as i can right? sometime i dont even give them any rest after a set. i dont train back and arms together, monday i train chest, tuesday arm, wednesay rest, thursday back, firday legs,.

    back excersises:
    dead lifts 4 sets 88 reps
    bent over barbell rows - 3 sets 8-10 reps
    lat pulldown- 4 sets 8-10 reps
    seated row - 4 sets 6-8
    dumbell row, 3 sets 6-8

    standing barbell curls- 3 sets 6-8 reps
    alternating dumbell curl- 3 sets 6-8 reps
    preacher curl 3 sets 8 reps
    reverse barbell curl 4 sets 8- 10 reps

    i do my exercises slowly and making sure my posture is good, i get huge arms pumps but they dont grow out of the gym unfortunatley.

    my diet is for bulking right now i hope put on 10 more pounds im currently 185

    morning 6 eggs white, bowl of oatmeal, banana

    mid day snack protein shake, /w oats and peanut butter

    lunch 2 chicken breasts, salad, 1 cup of rice

    pre workout snack, cottage cheese, and fruit

    post workout shake, /w 1 chicken breast, 1 piece of brown bread and some veggies

    dinner extra lean ground beef and a salad

    bed time snack, cottage cheese, and a handful of nuts

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    im just trying to break out of this damn platue

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    Go to the search option and pull up MP's HIT Routine, you might like it.. I have been on it for a while, and i am really enjoying it, it was hard to get used to at first, but bam.. Loven' it now.. ( Thanks MP)
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    lol that looks like something different for sure, only thing is my arms and back arent strong enough to do as many chin ups for pull ups, so maybe ill replace some excersises in that routine a bit

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    well back is hard to gain mass on you have to be very very strict iam telling cuz i had that problem for a while hit alot of tbar alot of cable rows hit the full sweep upper back is easy to get all about middle back thickness and full sweet to finish it off do alot of power excersis dumbell rows weighed chin ups strict as possible you'll feel it the next day and for arms easy barbell strick as possible its not so much about the weight you throw around its all about muscle contraction doing it as strict as possible isolating the muscle hit incline curls excellent for size like i always say i rather look like Hercules then lift like him lol luck dude

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    thanks borther ill def try that =), how many times a week would u recommend doing back during the week? and for arms?

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