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Thread: D-bol

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    I just got a hold of some d-bol at 40mg a pill. ive heard that taking dbol at that high of a dose cause more side effects, so i was wondering if i could just cut the pill in half and take 20mg? will it have the same effect on me or will i be able to lift more with the 40mg?

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    What are you taking with the Dbol ????
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    im taking 400mg test e a week....first 4 weeks im gonna use the d-bol. this is my second cycle btw, first cycle was 10 weeks strictly test e.

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    Split them in half if possible and take at least 2 doses a day of 20mg-ish. 40 is a bit high for first time, but with the dosage of your tabs it will be hard to cute your daily intake any lower than 40.
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    Bro I would take the Dbol at 20MG if this is your first time. I hope you got all your pct supplies.

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