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    Just wanted to give a little update i'm up to 190lbs now with very little fat gain. Once again this is all natural. My strength is up but the other day doing squat I hurt my back and can barely walk. Went to the chiropractor today and he said I should switch squat with leg press. Squat is prolly my favorite lift and IMO the most important one right now I'm doing 4 set of 10 the sets are warm up set with 225,345,385, and the 415, I'm pretty sure I have perfect form and I go a lil lower than parallel. Do any of you guys know what I should do. Should I lower the weight, keep doing the same weight or switch it with leg press. I've been doing squat since I was about 13 I'm 20 now and this is only like the second time I have really hurt my back. I may have just strained a lil to hard or wasn't quite warmed up. So any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    imho sets of 10 are too long for squats as the back will give out sooner than the legs.

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