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Thread: Bridging Cycles and PCT?

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    Jan 2009
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    i dont agree with any kind of bridging -during my first cycle i wouldve thought it to be a cool idea-sure use lose some of your gains-but from my research-one must be responsible-theres nothing wrong with taking two steps forward and one step back-i truley believe once u have your cycles and pct dialed in the skys the limit-patients is key-but the above post is an interesting read-looking forward to some of the mods responses
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    knowledge is power
    on cycle
    anadrol 100mg ed for 6 weeks
    750mg test cyp
    412mg deca

    body weight
    weight 250lbs
    week 2 267lbs
    week 3 267lbs
    week 4 270lbs
    week 5-6 275lbs
    week 7 270lbs
    week 8 270lbs
    week 9 275lbs
    week 10 275lbs
    week 11 275lbs
    week 12 275lbs
    weeks 13-15 270lbs

    currenttly on pct

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