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Thread: Advice on Beginner Cycle

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    Talking Advice on Beginner Cycle

    I'm 20 years old 5'11 165 and 12%BF...I have access to anything I need and need some good advice from a vet on how I should approach this cycle given my size and BF%...I was thinking something along the lines of just Test propianate or enenthate for 12 weeks @ 500/week...maybe even stack it with winstrol or something else?? I was told to chill on it with the first cycle and don't take anything too drastic...any advice? BTW im ex military and I hit the gym everyday while maintaining a good protein intake..

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    At 20 years old, you have more than enough natural test to grow. No reason you can't get over 200lbs naturally.

    Personally I'd wait a couple of years and focus on my diet and training.

    If your not growing now naturally, you have something wrong with either your training or diet.
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    Diet is at minimum 75% of your training out come, especially at the age of 20. More than likely you aren't taking in enough calories to support your BMR and your activity levels in order to make any substantial gains!!

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    Post up everything you ate yesterday and what times. Military food blows ass and gets you in a horrible eating habits, i know lol.
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    Should post that diet in the diet section and let's take a peak at what you are doing.

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    I agree with everything posted above.

    If you can get anything you want now you could start stocking up on supplies for down the road. It will keep for quite a while if stored properly. You can't go wrong with a nice stock pile of test.
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    hard lifting, protien, food, and sleep is your answer. I banged a girl that weight as much as u. At 20 you'll grow fast natually roids could hurt u in the long run starting so young.
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