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  • Test and Primo

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  • SUS, tbol, and winny

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  • test e and tren ace

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  • test p, var, and tbol

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  • other????? please post what you'd think be nice

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Thread: 2nd cycle for friend, lean mass. vote

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    Default 2nd cycle for friend, lean mass. vote

    This is going to be my buddys 2nd cycle. He is a big guy pry around 230, 6'4 and is aged at 25.
    He handled his first cycle very good which was sixteen weeks of test e at 300 mgs, with 600mgs of EQ, and four weeks of tbol at the end at 30mgs ed. He did a clomid, HCG PCT.

    He is looking for a nice lean mass cycle. We have a couple of ideas so hopefully you guys could help us with which one is best.

    Option 1,
    16 weeks of test E 500mgs, and Primo 600mgs.

    Option 2, (my opinion)
    12 weeks of Sus 500mgs, Tbol 50mgs at start for 6 weeks, with winny on the finish for four weeks into PCT.

    Option 3 (what my other friend recommend)
    Test E 500mgs and Tren 300mgs for 12 weeks.

    Option 4
    Test P with anavar on the finish, and tbol to start.

    Option 1, is a bit expensive and I have heard alot of people saying primo is not worth its weight. Option 2 is effective and cheap but its alot on the liver. Option 3 i think he should wait till next cycle or the one after that cause tren is nothing to play with, Option 4 is hassel with the shots and anavar just isnt as effective as winny but its nicer on the liver.

    Hes a decent PCT so that isnt up for discussion, clomid and HCG.
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    Tren is out IMO. I actually wouldn't do any of them as they are laid out. Number 2 is what I chose but I would drop the tbol to 4 weeks and make sure to pin the sust eod or e3d. I would prefer to use test cyp in its place. Run the winstrol two weeks passed the test. Run it no more than 4 weeks.
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    I agree I perfer the cyp too, but SUS is fast acting and very effective. In fact I have a buddy that does tren ace, and abombs everyday like their candy or vitamins, and swears he makes his best gains when he can afford to throw in the sus with it. I have made my best gains with SUS also but once got the test flu and swore it off. Im tring to make sure he gets results fast and with quailty, and last time he question his test e at times, where sus there no question cause theres no wait. i like eod idea

    I also had another friend do 4 weeks of tbol before he even started his test(great results), so i was thinking maybe doing that with him but modify it to two weeks before first pin, that way he has more time inbetween orals. I really dont think tbol for six weeks is out of the question with livAID 52, milk thisthle, and lots of water. But maybe you feel differnet on this whole approach
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