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Thread: Acne

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    Just noticing that even 100mg of test cyp a week for my HRT that im getting a little bit of acne on my arms. Just wondering how much more I can expect when I go on cycle and do 500mg a week of test cyp. Or will the addition of Arimidex make a big difference as Im not on any Arimidex now.
    39 years old
    6 foot
    current stats: 215Ibs bf%11
    HRT 200 mg a week of Test

    Current Cycle:

    1-12 Test Enth 200mg/week
    1-12 Tren Ace 525mg/week
    1-4 Winny 50mg/day
    8-12 Winny 50mg/day
    1-12 Mast P 700mg/week

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    1. Wash more (Eg; anti acne washes, ask/buy from your pharmacy)
    2. Consider Isotretinoin or Acnotin 20

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    When your hormone levels get stable it might get better.
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