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Thread: Ghrp-6

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    Hi folks im new on here, Hope im in the right place to post a questions, Question is ive been on th GHRP-6 for 4weeks taking .4 every day and the result ive been getting is putting on heaps of weight is it because of making me hungry and eating like a pig or is that what its suppose to do!!! I thought i was suppose to lose weight on it and build mass?How long should it take before i start seeing results? Thank you!!!!!!!

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    It's possible your GHRP is just dry insulin, which would make you more fat then anything.

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    I agree. I've done a round of insulin and I naturally an ecto morph. I've never gained so much fat in my life. Appetite went thru the roof, and all nutrients went straight to fat cells even with lifting 5x week and 4 days of cardio for 45 min. It was not worth it. It took longer than normal to lose the fat too. Sounds like your taking insulin. But some of the peptides miminic insulin like activity.

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    Thanks guys !!!!!!!!!

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