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Thread: diet and protein

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    Default diet and protein

    Hey everyone I am getting ready to start my bulk cycle as soon as I get some Test and am wondering what kinda of protien drink is one of the better ones. This is my 3rd cycle and 1 i didnt use protein shakes just ALOT of high protien foods. Also I need a new diet I am getting to be a hard gainer do to age and platuing (sorry bout the spelling) .
    Any pointers would be apreciated very much..

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    Hazcat Guest


    Any whey concentrate will work fine. It's the only protein that will give supraphysiological protein blood levels. A lot of fellas like to use casein protein at night because it's a slower release. It doesn't hurt but I doubt it makes much difference. There are a lot of other things to worry about than what type of protein to eat at night. Some cottage cheese will do the same thing at night. When you get to that point you're just splitting hairs.

    As far as a new diet .... post up what you're eating and what time you are eating it and we'll give it a look and see what we can do. There's not a lot we know about you so posting you're current diet and some stats about you will help tremendously. What we normally find is people that really don't have a set diet because of their lifestyle.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am about 5'10 210 lbs .

    Right now my daily diet is almost as follows

    Morning - Six eggs , 1 patao sometime with a tiny amount ofketchup 3 - 8oz glasses of milk 9am

    Snack- Two 4.5 oz chunk light tuna packs 10:30-11:00

    Lunch- Two decent size chicken breast,lettus, 12:30- 1:00 Somtimes substitued with Some kind of fish fillets depending on how sick of chicken I
    am . Or i will eat turkey breast and lettus with a wrap no bread and no sauces.

    Workout: I get my workout in about 2pm every day no cardio since im trying to bulk up. I get done at 4:15

    Snack- Assorted peanuts or a protein bar every once in a while some low fat yogurt. WHatever I snack on here is always very high protien.

    Dinner- This always varies since I eat with the family but usualy its a high protien meat/fish ,vegie sides or a salad with very little ranch dressing.

    This is just my diet in a nutshell not exactly how it happens everyday but very close and the only changes that I make are if im sick of a food I will substitue with somthing verry close . Tell me what its looking like if you would and if I need to make some changes. I been lifting for over 10 years and only started getting serious about my diet recently since im getting older.
    When I was younger i ate a ton of high protein food but there was still bread and alot of carbs in my diet bacause it seemed like i worked all that of with my cardio.

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    By no means am i a expert at diet.. but i use a scoop of casein mixed in with cottage chesse at night about 30 mins before bed.. also after my workout i take a shake in Dark Matter with 5 grams of dextrose.. and i eat a greek yogurt Chobani that has 14g a protein per serving.. and it is delicous, i also mix in a scoop a casein with that.. as far as the protein goes i get great prices from a site and the forum on the site are very helpful as well
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