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Thread: HGH and VAR?

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    Default HGH and VAR?

    First time taking anavar and was wondering if I could do a low dose of Growth with it maybe 2-4iu a day to burn more fat. Gonna take 50mg/day of var for 6 weeks. I dont have clen or t3 readily available so I was hoping I could possibly do some growth with it. Any suggestions?

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    Im at 12% bodyfat right now and just lookin to cut up a little for vacation this winter. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Are you taking it with an injectable ???
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    I'd just drop about 500 calories of carbs out of the diet and that should give you what you want. You're setting pretty lean right now so good job. I'm sure you can get there. If not let's take a look at clen and t3. Steroids are for growth and HGH takes quite a while to get you into fat loss but will work. It's expensive for what you get out of it.
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    ok Ill give that a try. Thank you

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    Hazcat Guest


    Any time.....ask away if you get more questions or shoot one of us a PM and we'll figure out a way to answer the question and get it on the board for others to learn from too.

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    If Im taking var for 6 weeks at 50mg/day with 2-3 weeks of tbol at 40/day should I run some test with it or will that be fine. I will definatly cut the calories like u said but I have the stuff so I figured I would take it but want to make sure its safe to do without a test. If I do a test maybe a prop for 4-6 weeks?

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    IMO you need to run Test while on Var. At least for me, Var shut me down right away. Don't get me wrong I love the stuff and it made me crazy in the gym, but in the bedroom was another story. Two days after I stopped taking Var I could feel my C**k get harder, it was strange but the truth. But the gain in power I had while on it was great.

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    Thanks. I will def take some test with it.

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