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Thread: avoiding the flu

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    Default avoiding the flu

    so with flu season right around the corner and the fact that i just got sick the other day inspired me to put this out here

    ive been doing carb cycling which is on days i lift i eat starchy carbs earlier in my day and then cut them in the evening, but on days i do my cardio i only eat non starchy carbs (what i use is romaine lettuce, cucumbers, apples)
    my protein intake is high which helps create white blood cells which are our bodys protectors

    now i probably just got sick cause here in michigan it was in mid 70s last week and now today were at 47 outside....but it got me thinking besides my multi vitamin i should throw in some foods with antioxidants....but still trying to avoid sugary carbs

    my solution is to add either blueberrys or strawberrys to my morning oatmeal, studies show berries have higher antioxidants w. less carbs then other fruits

    orange juice is highly praised for its vitamin C and antioxidant effect, but its prettymuch just sugar water that i dont want in my diet

    any other suggestions on what you foods you fellas use in the diet to boost the immune system

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    antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber and healthy mindset (don't be afraid of the flu)

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    old post i know but this is the season i usually get sick fact i just came off a nearly 3 week layoff due to being sick.had i followed my own preventitive protocol i don't think i would've gotten nearly as sick as i did.usually i take vitamin c,zinc and a whole clove of garlic,****ped up and washed down with orange juice to kill the wonders as the garlic itself is loaded with vit c and is a known antiseptic.

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