I am determined to get my legs to grow but they are stubborn. I lift hard once a week and lighter in between. When I lift hard I do
Press 5 + sets work up to 360lb on each side, then drop down lighter and deeper presses.
Extension work up to 135lb then burn set
Some squats yet have to be careful due to back and hips
hamstring curls up to 70lb
sitting hamstring 90 lb
lunges using 2 30 lb weights
I keep work out to about 60-70 min and take in whey with glutamine and BCAA right after then some high GI carbs
Before work out I take in whey, glute, small amount creatine (have to be careful due to it increasing kidney enzymes in past), tyroisin, tribulus, potassium, b vitamin, carnitine, and arginine.
I eat about 2400-2500 cal the days after lifting and eat every 1-3 hours through the day, Im 5'4 about 123lb
I tried growth hormone for 5 months and it gave a little inital boost yet no gains past that
I am now considering steroid but in reading was a little unsure which would give me some muscle yet little chance for deepened voice and clit growth. Im esp concerned with the voice side.Ive read advar- not sure if this gives good muscle growth yet sounds safest.
What else would give growth with less risk?

Can someone please give me some advice? THanks