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    hi every1,
    i hope im doing this right and posting in the proper place!!
    Im 23yr old female!at the momemt im 14STONE and 5ft4in!!i know, i know crazy,i let myself go!the thing is i was super fit and played sports and worked out everyday(actually i was a bit obsessed),then i began looking after my mam and working full time and everything fell away bit by bit!i know its no excuse but the last 2-3 years where pretty rough!So due to my mother passing away a while ago, i have all this time on my hands and really want to get my body back in shape again!!ive been on and off diets for the last while and i was looking for something that will give me a quick inch loss at the start just to give me a boost and keep me on my "lifestyle change"for good this time!!so if anyone has any diets and other tips to help me i would really appriciate it!!P.S im happy with my body at about 10stone(140lbs) because i like having t&a,just super toned hopefully!So im looking to lose about 4stone is total!!hopefully 1 1/2 pretty quickly!!Any help guys,im desperate at this stage!!!

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    what are you eating now? and how are you training?

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