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Thread: Hey i need feddback on this nolvadex are they real???????

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    Exclamation Hey i need feddback on this nolvadex are they real???????


    are this nolvadex real?????????????????????

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    I believe they are 20mg and made by Astra Zeneca in Greece. They should be white though. Hopefully there was a lighting issue when you took the picture.
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    yes they are white but u know i had problems taking the picture and it looks yellow in the picture but they are white and 20 mg ech so are they good???????

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    Hazcat Guest


    Did they come in a blister pack?

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    blister pack?

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    Hazcat Guest


    Packing where you see the tablet from the top and push it out through the bottom of the package.

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    no man no blister pack it came in a different package he told me he will take it out from the original package for customs why they have to be in a blister pack??????????

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    Hazcat Guest


    That's just how they're packaged. I haven't seen nolvadex faked so I imagine those are fine.

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    ok well thanks man

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