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Thread: a good back workout

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    Default a good back workout

    im 25 160lbs been workinout for 8mnths need a good overall back workout for lats and all but i do deadlifts on leg days so no deadlifts please

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    My suggestion is to move the deads to back day. Keep it simple. This was my pull day while on cycle and I can tell you that my back got wider and stronger for sure.

    Reverse grip pull downs
    Hammer strength Seated Row (nutral grip-thumbs up)
    Over hand grip Tbar row
    Over hand grip deads

    That was it! By changing the grips you also hit your biceps different for each exercise. My goal was to either hit my reps (30 reps for all-must be done in w/in 3 sets-weight should be heavy enough that you strain to hit 11-12 on the first set) or I go up 5 lbs and go at it again until I can hit my reps. Same things goes for deads but I had to do 20 reps in 2 sets. Brutal workout. You can check this out in my first timers training log. Go to page 8 where it talks about my last cycle and the workout I was doing. Good luck.

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