ok so i wanna get some opinions for my next cycle. im 25, 6'1, 210lbs, with 16 % bf. i recently had gyno lypo surg to get rid of some serious man boobs. from what the doc says is that there really isnt a direct cause for this but the only thing that may be a link is marijuanna.( used to be serious stoner) with that said its time to hit the gym and hop back on. in the past ive had great results with tren, despite the side effects. but from what ive read tren is more of a advanced a.s. for someone looking to compete. personally im just trying to get in better shape and gain some size. any suggestions? i was considering equ. and cyp. also since being proned to gyno, which ancillary would be best to use(aromasin, arimidex or letrozole) thanks for any suggestions- Johnathon