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Thread: Minimal Acne causing cycle??

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    Question Minimal Acne causing cycle??

    Hey guys,

    Just researching ideas for my second cycle at the moment and would like some of your thoughts/comments please.
    I suffered pretty bad Acne on my first cycle (and for a long time post) so I am trying to research info on gear that doesn't cause acne...
    Thus far I have come up with keeping Test low (but not cutting it out) and stacking it with Equipoise and Accutane with the cycle.

    I would like any info on what AAS is likely to not contribute to Acne as much as Test and any other cycle information you think I should now.

    I would like to keep it to about 8 weeks and I am looking for moderate gains, I will also complete a full PCT.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Straight testosterone with accutane and light arimidex should do the trick.

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    I think any cycle will cause acne as it alters your hormones. If you were prone to acne as a teenager chances are you will get it while on cycle. However, I cosign with the above post. Accutane works bro. I'm using it now.

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    I was looking at the anti acne stack - is it the goods eClen??
    If I am going to do Test do you think a shorter ester such as prop would suit?

    I was reading about short cycles last night and due to international travel with work a short cycle of 4 weeks would work well for me.

    Would I do Accutane and armidex whilst on cycle or wait till I have finished and do it as part of PCT?
    Could I stack D'bol with Test (prop). I think if I am not taking the accutane then I could but if I am taking accutane and D'bol my liver will suffer!!
    Would Nolva suffice for PCT or 1 mg per day of Armidex as well??

    Depending on the answers to my questions above I am looking at:
    Wk 1-4: D'bol 30 mg per day
    Wk 1-4: Test prop 500 mgs per week (125 mgs EOD)

    Wk 5: Nolva 40mg per day
    Wk 6: Nolva 20mg per day
    Wk 7: Nolva 20mg per day
    Wk 8: Nolva 10mg per day
    Wk 5-8: Armidex 1mg per day??

    Wk 5-10: Accutane 40mg per day, Aromasin 10 mg per day.
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