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Thread: npp question

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazcat View Post
    What it the world would make you think I like those compounds together?
    hmm i just thought maybe with the experenice you have had with gear.. maybe u might have used the stuff and could have a little input on it

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    Hazcat Guest


    Let's see NPP 250 mg's every 3 days for 8 weeks.
    Test prop 100 mg's daily for 10 weeks
    Anavar 50 mg's daily 6-12
    Dostinex .25 mg's every 3 days weeks 2-12
    Arimidex .25 mg's every other day 2-12
    HCG 250 iu's twice a week 4-10
    Nolvadex 20 mg's daily weeks 13-14 20 mg's a day
    Nolvadex 10 mg's daily weeks 15-17

    Have a party to celebrate a great cycle week 18.

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    I like that cycle Haz.
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    i'm getting ready to do a cycle with those compounds. it's gonna be my christmas preseant to after much deliberation i have decided on this:
    week 1-3 DBOL 50mg ED
    week 1-7 T prop 100mg EOD
    week 1-6 NPP 400mg per week
    week 3-7 winstol 50mg ED or anavar(if money allows)
    oh yeah, and my TRT will be going during this too which is 200 mg or cyp per week.
    does this look like a decent cycle? i know there are a lot of guys that aren't fans of the shory cycles, but i have to take blood tests often so this is my only option. and i have actually had some great luck with short cycles(but that was like 8-10 years ago. think i can squeeze 15 quality pounds? my cals should be around 5-6,000 per day.

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    i was thinking about running prop and anavar together, but i think its missing something, any sugestions what i could add??? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by juster View Post
    i was thinking about running prop and anavar together, but i think its missing something, any sugestions what i could add??? lol
    make a thread of your own...
    "Your talent is God's gift to you; what you do with it is your gift to God."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis99 View Post
    make a thread of your own...
    thanks alexis99.. i hate it when ppl hijack other ppls threads

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    Hazcat Guest


    He's just throwing a joke in about all the attention to NPP on the thread. Let's cut him some slack. I've sort of joked around too much for some people and opened this place up for some jokes here and there. I need to cut back.

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    woh, woh, woh. there is to much roid rage here for me, maybe u guys need to cut back on the prop, anavar and npp so i doesnt get to your head, i guess all the arguments on roid rage are true, lol

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    Default My experience with NPP

    I like to use a 50-50 combo of NPP and Deca. It seems to work better. The main problem is finding a quality NPP. I think some of the UGL's are just putting test prop in the vial or ampule and figuring nobody will know the difference. That info I got from Anabolics 2009. Here are the ones I have had experience with: Nandrorapid by an Indian pharma called Alpha Pharma. It is nothing but junk. I had serious pain and swelling for 3 days. I think they are using rubbing alcohol in it to kill the bacteria. Geneza's phenyl100, again pain for 3 days. I cut it 50% with EO oil, still pain for 2 days. Asia Pharma's durobolic, a painless inj., appears to be a quality product. Just acquired some of Viking pharma's pnenyl100. No pain and appears to be a good product if there really is NPP in it. It was cheap, so I am a little suspicious as nandrolone is more difficult to produce than testosterone.

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