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Thread: cutting diet critique please

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    Default cutting diet critique please

    here is my diet guys im wondering how i can get a few more calories in and more protein plus i would like to add a fat burner like animal cut or lipo6 (any help with ones that have worked for u guys would help there too)

    im 6'0'' 230-232 lbs, around 15-17% bf, and looking to cut down to 220 and then start bulking up from there by throwing in more carbs through vegetables and protein

    If any of my nutrition facts seem to be incorrect please correct me but I went from the actual nutrition labels so i believe the numbers are accurate but i feel that the calories seem a little low for how much i ate

    wake up at 8am

    cardio till 9am on empty stomache

    1 whole egg + 3/4 cup egg beaters
    160 cals, 21 protein, 4 carbs, 4.5 fat(from whole egg)

    lift from 11am-1210

    Protein shake right after workout with half banana blended in
    302 cals, 51 protein, 38 carbs, 5.4 fat

    lunch at 3pm (was feeling full from the shake)
    4oz chicken breast, half cup green beans and a few bites of crookneck yellow squash
    174 cals, 27 protein (combined chicken and green beans), 3 carbs, 2 fat(from chicken)

    Repeat lunch for dinner at 5pm

    7pm cup of egg beaters
    120 cals, 20 protein, 4 carbs, 0 fat


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    It looks to me that you are taking a ketogenic approach and if that's the case you need to eat more fat. And regardless I'd recommend either hemp seed oil or flax seed oil or fish oil for your Omega 3 essential fatty acid requirements.
    Your diet seems pretty strict and it might be difficult to keep. But you say you felt full and thought you ate a lot, so i don't know. If you start feeling the need to eat more, you can add maybe some oatmeal or yams in there. Other people may have better suggestions. My instinct on this one is to trust your judgment until proven otherwise. Add some Omega 3 oil though. Maybe canned salmon if you get tired of eggbeaters. You are cooking those, right?

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    Yea I am cooking eggbeaters.. And after I read your post I researched the ketogenic diet.. So pretty much I undernourish my body from carbs purposely to force it to use fat as the main energy source.. Now when I looked at some example diets they consisted of things like cheese burgers and and i wanna know if I have to eat that stuff or can I keep my plan by adding another meal or two becuz I want to keep my diet as clean as possible.. I already am taking a fish oil pill but how culd I add some more clean fat to get into the state of ketosis.. Can I just eat more steak rather than chicken?

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    Steak is fine. Also more egg yolks would work. You don't really need to worry if you want to eat cheeseburgers and such though, as your body will be using the fat for fuel. if you follow a ketogenic diet you need to eat carbs one or two days a week. To replenish liver glycogen which keeps the conversion of T4 to T3 going and maintains Leptin expression as well. Some diets, such as Atkins fail to address this which is why they stop working.

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    You mentioned fat burner like animal cut or lipo6 , Trust me, its either Clen/T3 or my personal favorite ECA stack. These are the only two that work. Just be prepared as these are very strong.

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