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Thread: Question about test eneth.

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    Default Question about test eneth.

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, I'm starting my first cycle ever of anything and I choose to do a testosterone enanthate only for it, I read that is was the best thing to do for the first cycle, to only do a test and see if any bad reactions took place and it would be easy to isolate the problem this way and fix it, is there a best time in the day to administer to the shot? I.E before sleep like i do for the hgh or can it be any random time of the day? as for placement i know the most common injection site is the butt, is this for preference or because it makes a difference in the effects of the test? and last question is storing it, i keep my HGH in the refrigerator, but i read this needs to be kept in room temperature and away from the light? is it best to keep it in a drawer or something? thanks for everything guys I'm very excited to be on the forums and also for my first cycle.

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    I don't think it matters as for effects of test, its a matter of what works best for you. I started my cycle a week ago and have pinned both cheeks with no problems. I like to pin before workout and then do some treadmill or elipticle to work the test into the muscle better.

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    def dont keep test in refrigerator, best place is to keep in a drawer. most people shoot in the butt, but i like my shoulders personally. some people use bicepts and quads. too painfull for me. big debate on time to shoot, personally shoot 1 hour before work out, never before bed. keeps me up... hope this helps

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