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Thread: what or if to eat with GHG injections

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    Default what or if to eat with HGH injections

    Ok Ive read the threads on options when to inject, read the life extension hgh manual(although looks like geared toward replacement hgh not for muscle growth or fitness reasons) and googled what to eat with hgh. Im confused cause in one threat people have mentioned NOT to eat with hgh or not to eat any carbs close to hgh injections and you dont want insulin up when you take it cause then works best, yet Ive also read that its good to have insulin up with hgh so that it gets transported into the muscle.... so this is really my only other question: For muscle growth help do you want to eat before injecting hgh or right after and if so carbs and insulin producing foods or just protien? Any feedback helpful. thanks
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    You don't want insulin. Hgh cascades through the liver and causes igf-1 release. (insulin like growth factor). IGF-1 is thought to be the actual peptide that causes most of the effects of hgh. It occupies the same receptors as insulin and if you already have insulin occupying them, the igf-1 will have no place to dock.

    I have been thinking lately that you might want to investigate the use of igf-1 lr3 ( a sustained form of igf). Peptides aren't scheduled and are widely available on the net for research purposes. IMO igf is more effective and cost effective than hgh. I've found it to be good for an additional 10lbs of muscle during my research.

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    THanks for your quick replies and help younglad..... wow I guess i had it all wrong my last hgh cycle as I had read its good to take insulin with hgh to shuttle into muscles so I always took bunch of carbs with hgh to do that. ANyway, Iv never considered igf because for some reason I had in my head it was more harsh on body with more sides and gut growth but if it doesnt have more sides and gives muscle growth (and/or fat loss) then Im open to it. Im open to any information and obviously spend way more time than I have trying to read up and find out info.... thanks

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