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Thread: Ipl's lets get fit-pct method for women~

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    So, i figured it was about time to make a post about women's PCT options to help out women when coming off a cycle and to help men help women since we are VERY different!!!

    Post Cycle Therapy i am sure you have heard time and time again... For men, this usually includes an ancillary to re-stimulate natural test production etc. With women, PCT is VERY VERY different.
    I know it has been the general assumption that women do not need PCT, however, it has come to my attention (and from years of experience) that we actually DO in fact need PCT. ..

    Post Cycle Therapy for women obviously does NOT include a test stimulant, but rather other factors...

    Tapers: Everyone wants to know about tapering... Well, that really depends on the aas you are using... The milder the aas, the less the taper. For example, anavar does not call for a taper, however many women have seen less side effects post cycle with a little post cycle taper. This may be 1 week after you complete your cycle where you taper down. Considering the average dosage is 10mgs, a taper would be: (5, 5, 5, 2.5, 2.5, 2.5)

    In my own personal experience with anavar, a taper for me really isn't necessary... so just stopping is fine. HOWEVER, i do apply Post Cycle Therapy!

    I feel PCT should be considered due to these reasons:

    1. Depression: MANY women report depression post cycle. I personally got it really really badly last nov, so now the last week of my cycle, i start cycling in 5HTP. You can also use St. Johns wart or valerian root etc...
    2. Estrogen Rebound: Granted anavar is a mild androgenic, it is still an androgen. Some women experience a slight estrogen rebound. I personally have ALSO experienced this...One of the ways i counteract it is to take "Twinlabs Male Fuel". This actually aids allowing my test levels to lower but not drop, thus preventing an estrogen rebound. When a hormone drops suddenly another one always tends to increase to counteract, even though it may not be beneficial to us...Another way is to use a very very mild dosage of an estrogen suppressor (ie. nolvadex) to allow the estrogen to slowly level out as the test levels fall post cycle. (As our test levels begin to return to normal and decrease, estrogen will increase post cycle, due to the fact that an aas does suppress estrogen levels a bit, so a suppressor will control the speed at which it increases- thus preventing a possible estrogen rebound!)
    3. Appetite: Most AAS tend to increase your appetite. This has a bit to do with an accelerated metabolism (increased muscle and protein synthesis), nevertheless, aas can increase appetite. With that said, I think a strict diet should follow your cycle.My reasoning for this is that fact that since you have an increased appetite from using an aas, now that that is over, you will continue to experience an increased appetite, but with no aas anymore. Basically saying that now that you are OFF, you will not be using all the calories/fuel as efficiently as when you were ON. So if you splurge like crazy, you WILL notice a rebound in weight and or fat. Get it I HIGHLY recommend a clean diet for about 2 weeks POST cycle!!

    Those are the 3 main factors i can think of that may cause havoc with a woman's mental and physical well being post cycle... They are ALL factors i have personally dealt with, struggled with and learned to control!

    As a female who is using aas, PLEASE know ALL the facts!!! Be over-prepared! There is nothing worse then a women who loves her results from weeks of suffering, training, dieting, etc... only to waste all her hard work and experience negative side effects post cycle... Estrogen rebound is a *****. Weight/fat rebound is a *****. Depression, we won't even go there lol...

    So please ladies... LISTEN to your body. Get to really know what works for YOUR body! You may never need post cycle therapy, but you may... so good luck!!!

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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    I'm doing my second cycle prepping for my second show.

    Question about the diet: I used AAS right up to the day of my show (sustanon/clen/winny), and then stopped using when the show was done. Of course, the few days before the show, the diet is about as bad as it gets - unsalted fish and asparagus; no water. So when you say a strict diet is good post-cycle, do you mean continue with something like that, or with what you might eat when you are 12 weeks pre-contest?

    I, of course, went on a three-day horrible binge and gained back all the weight in one week. Now I know what can happen! But maybe part of it was due to the drugs suddenly not being there.

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    By clean diet I mean just that, you can keep it similar to that of pre-contest, but I would start to slowly introduce off season type foods back into your diet. Get some of the fruits and veggies you don't eat durning pre-contest back as well as some of the good fats. But I do mean slowly, this will help you not to blow up/rebound after.

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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