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Thread: Women's Question - work out but dont eat well

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    Talking Women's Question - work out but dont eat well

    I work out aprox 5-6 days a week . Mainly Cardio ( 4 days of spin 1 hour + 30 min of upper body work out- weights) . 1 Day of cross training work out cardio / weights (full body) and try one additional day per week of cardio or weights . I am a Woman early 30's and have A huge problem with how i eat. I am looking for an appetite suppresant. I will eat well for 50% of the day and then can not controll my appetite at night. I destroy my day's work with my night time snaking and dinner . I am looking for advise on an appetite suppresant , diuretic or fat burner ( looking for real reviews on products.) I know if i can controll my appetite my results will be awesome. I am not overweight but looking to get lean . (ps. have heard about Lipo 6 / lipo 6 black - any one try them?) or maybe something like yellow bullets with ephedra . ) Looking for a legal supplement . Thank you for any help.
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    What are you goals? Stats?

    Before I even know anything about you, I can tell you you need to shift a bit more focus on the weight training end of the spectrum.
    Instead of suppressing your appetite, you need to learn to eat properly to control your appetite. Suppressing things, just makes you forget to feed, blood glucose levels jumping, as well as insulin, and your body's hormones in a state of chaos and imbalance, causing muscle atrophy, lose and your body to store excess fuels.

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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    Goals - loose 5-10 lbs . I am very bottom heavy at 114 ( I am ONLY 5ft tall - have never weighed more than 100lbs) . loose thighs & belly fat . I agree that correcting my what i eat is necessary but i am constantly craving sugar - unhealthy carbs(i know to not eat it but need help actually NOT eating eat.) Sounds dumb i know but i used to use hydroxy cut with ephedrine , it did the trick but i know it is now off the market . So I would hope an appetite suppresant could help with that 50% of the day that i eat Junk. - wire my mouth shut (ha ha ha) .

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    The more you crave sugar the more you will want,first you need to Learn to eat Wholesome foods,not processed.Fish,Milk,Chicken ,Eggs,Beef are excellent forms of protein ,you need to get 1 gram of protein for evey pound of bodyweight,get a journal and write down everything you consume and i bet you're not getting what you think!
    for a snack Popcorn,or Jello should fill you up.
    You should be consuming 6-7 smaller servings thruout the day this keeps your metabolism up.

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    Over consumption of the wrong type of carbs, causes you to crave carbs, be is sugary sweets, breads, pastas and just typical junk food in general. I can tell you that you need to ease off the cardio a bit and do a more intense weight training program. Remember muscle burns excess fuel (fat) for energy, over doing the cardio is most likely counterproductive and digging into muscle stores for energy rather than burning excess fuels you are wishing to rid your body of. You need to eat small frequent meals that are higher in protein, with a moderate amount of clean carbs and goods fats.
    Diet is the key part of your workout program, followed by weight training and then cardio.
    Women usually freak the first few weeks/months because although they are loosing inches and there clothes are starting to fit looser and better the scale weight may not change much, infact it may go up, as muscle weighs more than fat. So I always suggest you measure your total body with a fabric tape measure and go by that, rather than the scales!!

    Healthy eating can be very good and satisfying, after a few weeks you will notice that the cravings get less and less. There are some good OTC fat burners which help, but I think that the old school ECA stack is superior.

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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    Sorry I was interupted and didn't get to really exagerate on the diet aspect.

    You need to Lower your carb intake to LOW, and add in good clean healthy fats this will help slow digestion and in return you'll feel less hungry. Also eating denser Protein sources like lean beef will also help.
    Finally fibrous green vegetables with the meal(lots of them). Say person is having 14g of fat with a meal, they would add a tablespoon of one of a preferred oil (this is an individual thing, ranging from say Flax, MCT, almond butter), and Then eat some greens , then beef followed by the last of the green vegetables. Using a diet like this you can/SHOULD avoid any drugs or assistance, as the diet will do the work for you.

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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    Thank you for the awesome advise . I will certainly adjust my diet even more. For the morning / afternoon - ie. breakfast and lunch I eat clean (organic, lean protein/ lower carb and veggies/ salad-no dressing.) . I go to the gym each night at 6:30 , and around 9pm start to crave carbs (sugar and junk) around midnight ... my day's hard work at the gym has gone to waste. I know that I should eat better and have even rid the house of most junk only to find my self looking for suguar . It is aweful i know. But i have kept up my diligent work out routine for over 1 year , mainly at 5 days a week mixing cardio classes / machines & weight training . I agree I will incorp. more strength training with weights , and ease off the cardio a bit . How many hours of each per week are reccomended (cardio ___ / and weights ___? Also are spinning classes a good cardio workout at (1 hour pr day x 4 days) Or is this one of those " gym claims of burning tuns of calories" wich is just a joke . I started out exausted after an hour now ... now it is a walk in the park (even at high tension.) I am also considering a body bug (or some kind of heart rate monitor watch) to estimate calories burned per day - and the reccomendation above of a food journal is great (thanks!) . Thank you again for everyone's help ... It is great to have this kind of support.

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    When is your last meal? Before or after the gym? If after how long till you go to bed?

    May be a blood sugar thing.

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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    If I have excess fat to lose I find it helpful to get some cardio done in the morning. No small feat for me, since I hate getting up early. I started with just ten minutes of running in place in my room, and progressed to jogging outside for half an hour. It really made a difference. I did this before I ate anything.

    At work I'd eat a balanced meal (high protein, moderate fat, low carb) every 2-3 hours, even if I was not hungry. The meals were pretty small, but eating frequently like that helped keep my appetite stable.

    Then I'd do my weight workout after work and then eat a protein meal right afterwards in my car or the locker room - something simple like a plain piece of meat, or I'd bring protein powder and just mix it with some water to make a paste that I could eat with a spoon. No more food for the rest of the evening; I just made a general rule of not eating after 8PM.

    You might not need supplements at all. I've tried Lipo 6; I've probably tried just about everything there is. If you're just talking about general fat loss and staying in shape, there's no substitute for a clean diet and training, but the OTC supplements do sometimes help with energy.

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    Sugar cravings are often indicative of an imbalance somewhere in the body. Two possible causes of sugar cravings are low adrenal function or a yeeast infection.

    Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can cause sugar cravings, which means taking a calcium pill that contains magnesium may help curb this craving. If you do not have supplements handy, eat foods high in both calcium and magnesium, such as almonds, white beans or soybeans, the next time you feel a craving coming on. To prevent future cravings, incorporate these foods into your daily routine.

    Low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets can lead to insulin resistance, which means that your body ignores insulin. When this happens, your cells have difficulty absorbing glucose, and you will experience constant cravings.

    Sugar cravings can also be a symptom for parasite and worm infestation as well as candida overgrowth. These types of invaders feed on sugar and actually set up a craving that demands satisfaction. And the cravings they set up are very very strong.
    Many good books have been written on the special diets that you must follow in support of eliminating a candida fungus overgrowth. It often includes the elimination of wheat products, all yeeast products, and all sugars, all fruits, both fresh and canned and frozen. The reason these need to be eliminated is because these foods feed the candida fungus helping it grow and become deeper and stronger. All fungus has roots and candida overgrowth also puts down roots. These foods will feed these roots as well as the fungus itself. So if you have candida overgrowth, healthy eating means eliminating many foods from your diet.

    Some recommendations for controlling sugar cravings with supplements:

    When you feel a sugar craving try taking 200 micrograms of chromium. If after 20 minutes you feel the craving subside it may indicate that you were low on chromium. Chromium helps insulin get glucose into your cells, and when that happens the message to your brain that you need more sugar can stop.

    Add 10 milligrams manganese to your daily routine. Manganese helps the transport and metabolism of glucose and a deficiency of it can impair insulin production. Its role in balancing blood sugar levels can help control cravings.

    Try taking a zinc supplement of 30 milligrams. A deficiency in zinc can cause poor sense of taste and smell...making sugar more desirable as it is one of the flavors you can taste better. Getting your zinc up to sufficient levels can satisfy your taste buds with less sugar.

    For very strong sugar cravings take 500 milligrams l-glutamine up to three times a day. You can even open a capsule and put the powder on your tongue. L-glutamine is an amino acid that is converted into food for the brain.

    Take magnesium 400 milligrams a day. While most Americans are told to take calcium, magnesium (which is essential for the absorption of calcium) is largely ignored.
    Magnesium is used by the body in hundreds of ways. And control of glucose metabolism and regulation of insulin are among them. Magnesium is also used by the "emotional" part of the brain, and scientists speculate this may be why deficiencies of it can cause cravings of chocolate which is known to induce pleasure.
    When magnesium levels are brought back to a healthy level often cravings for sugar and chocolate often melt away.

    I would suggest a fat burner containing yohimbine for the stubborn fat that is found on womens' hips and thighs. Good luck!

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