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Thread: lossing fat while bulking

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    Default lossing fat while bulking

    hay guys is there any way to use my fat as fuel while bulking?

    Currently taking 500mg testo la every 6 days.

    3 main meals are 150 grams protien and 100 grams carbs.

    the other 3 are protein shakes 46.6grams of protein and 40.2 carbs

    hope this post makes sence new to this kind of stuff

    any help would be great thanks

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    yes and no, steroids change your methabolizm so it is possible to burn more fat but extra extrogen which is result of taking testestorone makes storing extra fat easier.

    you loose fat by proper diet not by taking sterids. It is hard to find right balace on one hand you need to eat on other hand extra calories will effect how much fat is stored.

    you cannot starve yourself too much becasue you will not build muscle, this is why you bulk as much as you can then you run cutting cycle.

    everybody is defferent and how much you store fat and how much you burn is up to genetics. you can throw some pill like clenbuterol, it will help to some degree to burn more fat.

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    ill wait till the end of my cycle and when on my cutting cycle just train like a mofo.

    thanks for the help also how long dose it take for testo la (testosterone cypionate) to get into your system had my first shot on the 13th mate said it takes bout 2 weeks id that about right

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    it is being released into blood stream right away but it takes a while before you will notice something, depends on person, some start feeling strength increase in about two weeks for other it takes a little longer.

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    i can feel like a surge of new life and happy ness and that is when i know somethink is going to happen, i go to bed wake up in the middle of the night go for a piss and look in the mirrow and say f**k me it

    believe me people say gains dont happen over night but in other sense they do

    just lift hard lift big eat big look big feel big

    no rocket science in that

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