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Thread: endurance athelete questions about deca

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    Default endurance athelete questions about deca

    Im new to this and have been an endurance athelete for 4 years. The long stuff 140.6. Recently got diagnosed and had complications with diverticulitus. Took a bunch of antibiotics to fix that problem and found out the ones i was on reduced the collegen in the body and now i have an achilles injury. Had multiple PRP shots and its helping but wanting to use the healing properties of deca in a low dose for about 6-8 weeks. Just looking for helpful advice in my decision and obviously a lot of scams out there so not having a lot of luck locating it. Thanks for any input

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    Default no answers

    no one has any suggestions or help on healing properties

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    There is evidence of the effect of nandrolone decanoate and load on injury healing, mainly on postmenopausal women and castrated rats but...

    "The effect of anabolic steroid therapy..on.. a measure of collagen synthesis, in postmenopausal women was studied in a double-blind study: 39 women allocated to treatment with either 50 mg nandrolone decanoate as an intramuscular depot or placebo injections every third week for 1 year.. Serum PIIINP was measured every 3 months during the study. Anabolic steroid therapy resulted in a more than 50% increase in serum PIIINP at 3 months, which thereafter decayed but remained significantly increased throughout the study period.. We conclude that anabolic steroids stimulate type III collagen synthesis in postmenopausal women."

    'Bioartificial tendons were treated with either nandrolone decanoate (nonload, steroid), loading (load, nonsteroid,), or both (load, steroid,). A control group received no treatment (nonload, nonsteroid [NLNS]). Bioartificial tendons' remodeling was assessed by daily scanning, cytoskeletal organization by staining, matrix metalloproteinase-3 levels by ELISA assay, and biomechanical properties by load-to-failure testing. RESULTS: The load, steroid group showed the greatest remodeling and the best organized actin cytoskeleton. ...CONCLUSIONS: Nandrolone decanoate and load acted synergistically to increase matrix remodeling and biomechanical properties of bioartificial tendons. CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Data suggest anabolic steroids may enhance production of bioartificial tendons and rotator cuff tendon healing in vitro. More research is necessary before such clinical use is recommended.'

    'The purpose of this study was to determine whether anabolic steroid administration improves skeletal muscle regeneration from bupivacaine-induced injury...Anabolic steroid [nandrolone decanoate (ND), 6 mg/kg] or sesame seed oil was administered at the time of initial injury and continued every 7 days for the study's duration....The increase in small-myofiber incidence was 65% greater in injury + ND muscle compared with injury alone. At 14 days, injury + ND induced a fivefold increase in muscle IGF-I mRNA expression, which was greater than injury alone. Muscle Akt activity and glycogen synthetase kinase-3β activity were also induced by injury + ND at 14 days of recovery, but not by injury alone. ND had a main effect for increasing muscle MyoD and cyclin D1 mRNA expression at 14 days. After 42 days of recovery, injury + ND increased large-diameter myofiber incidence compared with injury only. Nandrolone decanoate (ND) administration can enhance castrated mouse muscle regeneration during the recovery from bupivacaine-induced injury.'

    'Male Sprague Dawley (125 g) rats were subjected to bilateral ablation of the gastrocnemius muscle for 3 and 21 days and treated with nandrolone decanoate (ND, 6 mg/kg b.w.) or sesame seed oil injections. Western blot analysis revealed that RhoA protein expression was induced 2.1-fold by overload and 1.9-fold by ND at 3 days. RhoA protein remained elevated by overload after 21 days (3.8-fold). In addition, RhoA protein expression in C2C12 myotubes was induced after 18 h of 1% (1.8-fold) or 2% (2.2-fold) chronic radial stretch. Competitive RT PCR revealed that RhoA mRNA concentration increased 1.9-fold with ND, 2.9-fold with overload, and 11.8-fold with overload and ND administration when compared to sham at 3 days, indicating pre-translational control of RhoA by ND and a synergism between ND and overload to up-regulate RhoA mRNA. The ratio of RhoA protein associated with the muscle membrane fraction, an indicator of RhoA activity, increased 3.7-fold after 3 days of overload compared to controls. Although ND with overload (3.8-fold) produced a larger induction of RhoA protein than overload alone, the ratio of RhoA protein associated with the membrane fraction was not altered by ND treatment at 3 days. In conclusion, RhoA is an integrator of both mechanical and growth factor signaling whose expression and activity are increased by the combination of anabolic steroid and functional overload treatments in rat plantaris muscle.'

    It has been my experience that sometimes an athlete will use this alleged property to justify or provide an excuse to enter the "Dark Side" of AAS use. I don't know if this is the case in this instance and it doesn't really matter to anyone but yourself. Know yourself and your intentions however.If you are going to run deca for whatever reason, I suggest you familiarize yourself with steroid use in general, prolactin side effects in particular, Post-cycle therapy as well as on-cycle precautions, and a strong suggestion to run a testosterone concurrently. In other words, don't try to do this half-assed, just because this isn't a "real" cycle.

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    Default limited knowledge

    Ive been doing some research and looking at a dose of about 200 per week. Im not going to lie and say that i would not mind the gains from it either. Im thinking that that low of a dose will limit the side effects and might not nead the test. That is my delima right now is wondering if anyone has done that low of a dose without anything else. Thanks again for the info.

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    Deca is only going to mask your injury IMO. It will just take time and rest for it to heal properly. Aside from that deca will likely cause increased water weight which is probably not what an endurance athlete would want. Even at 200mg per week deca will shut you down and your sex drive with it unless you run some testosterone. As SYL suggested you should learn about prolactin sides and if you are going to run deca running dostinex will preserve your libido.
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