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Thread: TRT blood tests while on cycle - HELP

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    Default TRT blood tests while on cycle - HELP

    So I just got my gear for my first cycle of TEST C at 500/week.

    I had blood work done prior to this.

    After taking my first week shot I met with my DR. and he said that my test and free test levels were low and offered TRT of 200mg test e bi-weekly.

    He wants to have blood work done in 6 weeks to follow up.

    So a few questions:

    1)Will having test C and E overlapping cause any problems. He wants to admisnister the first shot. Would I just drop the test C back a bit?

    2)What should I do for my blood work on follow up....I don't want to loose this free Test E script!!

    3)If I do go off Test C for what ever reason can I switch for a bit to EQ or something like that? Will that effect my Test and free test levels that they will be looking for?? I am not sure of the biology of EQ and others.

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    Stop taking your test and just let the dr. do his thing. Ask him if you can inject it at home so you don't have to keep coming in. If he gives you the go ahead to inject at home make sure your injects are just a notch under full dose. That way he will bump you up in six weeks on the follow up. If he won't let you inject at home then just ride out his injections keep your test so you don't screw up your blood and come in with high test at 6 weeks. Basically you're stuck for six weeks at a low level of test but at least you'll have a script for life. Once he gets you set up where he wants you and you don't have to see him for 6 months or a year you can add your own test into that he writes a script for and run a cycle. Just make certain you end it in time that it clears you body prior to your next lab work.

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    #1...overlapping wouldnt cause any problems as far as compounds..theyre virtually the same save for 1 ingredient more in Cyp. The problem is that he`ll notice the higher levels in blood on more than the prescribed 200mg bi weekly.

    #2...Hes gonna notice the extremely higher levels on bloodwork follow up...hence he might discontinue the script.

    #3...Generally speaking..its ALL in most cases...some form or derivitave of Test. Its all going to effect test and free test levels. I doubt many TRT/HRT doctors would be ignorant to the fact somethings been added or enhanced to the prescribed levels.

    Bottom line...theyre gonna know if you`ve added or increased something to the TestE being prescribed

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