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Thread: Cycle 3

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    Default Cycle 3

    Hey everyone, back for some advice from the I.S. members.

    I am now completing my 2nd test cycle of Test E 250, as with the first run happy and proud of my results.

    I am sitting at 225 lbs, 6' 1'', bf around 12%, 23 years of age.

    I was looking favorably upon Tren A instead of deca for this next cycle but from reading have slipped away from it. Any thoughts? Should I stay away for now? If not please post a possible cycle.

    For my 3rd cycle, I'm thinking about bumping it up, what do you all think -

    Wk 1-12 test e 500mg wk
    Wk 1-10 deca 400mg wk
    arimi .5mg E3D
    Start pct 2 weeks after the last shot using nolva 40/20/20/20/20

    To prevent against the deca I know that "dostinex" is used. Is that the only name it goes by?

    Also a side question assuming most of this cycle is GTG, will deca effect vascularity? Just curious.

    Please thoughts on this cycle, tren if you feel I could do it, Mast?? Looks fun for physique?? Please all comments welcome.

    Thanks guys

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    Have you tried EQ?
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    The cycle you have laid out looks good. Deca won't help with vascularity you may actually lose a little while on due to some bloat. As John has mentioned EQ would be good for that. I would run the EQ with test for 14-16 weeks though to get the best results from it. The EQ is best run 600-800mg per week.

    Dostinex is also known as cabergoline. If you use EQ in place of the deca you won't need it.
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