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Thread: Shaving hurts

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    Default Shaving hurts

    My wife had bought me a expensive diposable razor and I thought it was a piece of crap when I was shaving, but I was wondering if it was becuase of the gear I was using. I'm in between cycles now, and tried the same razor again and it works fine since all the gear is out of my system. Do the roids make the hair that much stiffer?

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    I don't know. That's a new one for me... I was gonna make a joke about "Brillo-Bol" but I have fine hair so maybe Titanium Steel blades aren't as tough as I had imagined them.

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    I know of no temporary thickening of the hair during a cycle. I've never had this issue during any of my cycles. There's a lot of variables here so narrowing down the reason it happened to you will be difficult. I would be interested to hear if anyone else had a similar experience.

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    This happens to me when I am on cycle. But the strange thing is, it effects mostly the right side of my face. It is no big deal just kind of funny, the hairs get just a little bit bigger around and stronger.

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    I have more facial hair growth on cycle but doesn't seem to make shaving any different. It still sucks either way.
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    My good friend who cycles with me would talk about having tougher hair. I never had this issue but his burly Italian self would complain a lot about it. Through some experiments we discovered a few things.

    If you do have meaty hair on cycle this best course of action would be to use fresh blades more often. Thicker hair dulls razors out faster. Also, try investing in a badger hair brush to apply your shaving cream. The brush is heated in hot water and then you use a special lather to make the shaving foam. I tried doing this and fell in love with it. The extra heat helps with the shaving.

    Another trick, if you are up for it, is to try using a straight razor. It's different, and requires some practice. I used it a lot on deployment as I got way tired of having razor blades stolen. The straight razor is a mighty blade capable of cutting through some thick hair. You will have to pony up like 70-100 bones for a good one.....but it's good for life.

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