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Alright, here goes. This is my idea for a cycle, and i think im going to front-load since i am getting a bit of test prop to go along with it. Im not sure if im front-loading correctly, so please correct me if im wrong. Sounds like EQ needs to be run long and high, but this is what i can afford (8000mg total). If im going to waste my money doing this, let me know and ill nix the EQ altogether and just run a good, solid test cycle.

Wk 1-4 EQ 500mg/wk, Test E 500mg/wk, Test Prop 100mg/EOD
Wk 5-14 EQ 600mg/wk, Test E 500mg/wk
Wk 15-16 Test Prop 100mg/EOD
Wk 1-16 Arimidex .25mg/EOD (maybe more since i am slightly gyno-prone. I have plenty on hand.)
Wk 17-18 Nolva 20mg/ED
Wk 19-21 Nolva 10mg/ED

Your thoughts.

And btw, thanks to all who have replied. I learn more every day.
well most of the time when ppl front load they throw in more gear the frist couple week to help ther blood lvls of teh steroid get more balanced... so the frist 4 week you would want to go a higher then week 5-14 for the eq and test.. but the test prop is fine