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Thread: What doseage should i be taking on tren acetate and sustanon for my first cycle??

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    Default What doseage should i be taking on tren acetate and sustanon for my first cycle??

    I have just started my first cycle of steroids and am stacking Trenbolone 150 Acetate with Sustanon 350.
    I am 25 years old and have been training hard and consistant now for 2 and a half years and have put on some good size in this time.
    I'm 5'10 and weigh just over 13 stone approx 185 pounds, i'm benching around 120kg.
    Does anybody have any advice on what doseage i should be taking to gain maximum results.
    I had my first jab 3 days ago now with 100mg tren and 100mg of sus mixed into one jab and will repeat this for week 2, and then look to jab twice a week with the same doseage. So 200mg of each on week 3 and 4 and then up to 3 times a week with 100mg of each in one jab.
    Does this sound about right to anyone with more knowledge than me or if you have a better way of cycling the doseage your suggestions would be welcome.

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    STOP Right now..........Do more research,TREN is for Advanced users If you don't know what you're doing Tren will kill your sex drive for months plus a whole host of other sides. Before you go any farther Do some Research, Do you know what a cabaser is? Gyno? PCT?

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    I would just stick with the test.Like he said tren is no joke.

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    Get a 3 or 4 cycles under your belt before you mess with Tren, It also requires everyday injections.

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    Zero mg per week of tren would be the best dose for you. Drop it and just run the test. Aside from that you are running your cycle incorrectly anyway. Tren needs to be injected every other day and sustanon should be injected no farther apart than every 3 days IMO.

    What are you running for ancillaries eg, arimidex, dostinex....and what about your pct?
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    Really? I have done some research but a lot of websites tell you so many different things this is why I've joined here to gain some proper advice. Spoke to a guy down at my gym and a couple of other mates who I know have run the same stack, and they all rekon I would get some awesome results from a 8-10 week course of tren and sus.
    Is this not the case then guys?
    I'm aware of Gyno (***** TITS?) and PTC but upon research have read that this is a possible side effect with Tren and not massively common, but Post cycle im going to take HCG to keep the gains and kick the balls back in as they say and maybe some Novladex.
    If i keep to running 100mg of each in one jab, once a week for my first course do you think that is a reasonable amount to start with, or would you strongly recommend to stay clear on first cycle.
    I've ran a course of oral D'bol before for 6 weeks but nothing as hard as this.

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    Sorry FloridaGrowing i posted my last post before you had posted you comment.
    Sounds like you know your stuff.
    Ok so if i drop the Tren for now and just remain on the Sustanon 350 what would you recomnded on doseage and how often a week?
    Also for future reference if i take the Tren on my next cycle what doseage would you recomend on that and how often.
    Sorry with all the questions just good to be able to hear it described properly without all the big words on the websites confusing me lol
    Appriciate the response guys.

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    Id hit the Sus350 @ 1cc 2X/week for weeks 1-4..then drop it to 3/4cc 2x/week from weeks 4-12..HCG during cycle and standard nolva PCT at end of cycle

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