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Thread: First Cycle look good??

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    Default First Cycle look good??

    hey what up i just ordered all my gear about a week ago so i was just wondering if i got everything straight. i have been researching for about half a year now. been lifting since 18 and im now 23. i use to be really small but have been able to get myslef to a solid 170, im 5,9. i think i have hit my natural limit (almost) so decided on a cycle to try and bump it up. let me know what ya think.

    week 1-4 20mg dbol ED
    week 1-12 500mg test cyp. (250mg mon & thur)
    week 1-12 .5mg arimedex EOD
    week 2-12 HCG 500iu week (250iu mon & thur)

    week 13 & 14 OFF
    nolva 20/20/20/10/10mg ED per week

    i think thats it letme know what YA THINK ANYTHING WOULD HELP

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    Maybe tho in some eq?

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    That's a good first cycle. I like the frontload, but I would bump it up a bit to 40mg ED. 20mg ED is ok, but if you're gonna do it, then do it like you mean it.

    The Adex should be carried at the same dosage out thru weeks 13 and 14 up until the day you start PCT. This will keep your estrogen from spiking before PCT.

    Good luck.

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