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Thread: Test Questions

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    Default Test Questions

    im planning to do a 10 week cycle on a test blend, 350mg once every week
    I will be getting a diet that contains 4000kcal 150-250 protein and 200-300 carbs.
    Will i see good gains?
    and will i see many sides?

    also can i eat foods like pizza,chocolate burgers, fries. or does it have to be a strictly protein and carb diet??
    can someone write me out my DO'S and DONTS when it comes to eating
    thank you

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    Alright man, youre too young for juice. You need to accept that. It will do bad things to your body. remember what I said in the PM.

    And you want to keep your diet as strict as possible, but cheating is acceptable every now and again. Just dont be cheating every day, a lot of people set aside once a week. Personally, I just do what makes me happy. For the most part a solid bodybuilding diet keep me happy, but when i want to eat junk I go for it. But i know my body and how to keep it in reason. In due time, youll learn your own.

    DO: Eat every 2-3 hours, with protein and GOOD whole grain/ other slow burning carbs (you can find lists all over the net)

    DO: Eat vegetables and take a multivitamin (not centrum, a "sports" one)

    DO: Get your protein from a variety of sources including chicken, beef, fish, pork, eggs, dairy etc

    DO: get some whey protein for after workouts. I mix mine with dextrose or even table sugar for an insulin kick, not everyone agrees.

    DO: Drink milk, or better yet a casein protein shake (though they can be expensive) before bed. This will keep you from burning muscle while you sleep.

    DONT: go overboard worrying about fat. Dont go wild with it or anything, but for the most part you'll be fine. When choosing ground beef go with 93/7 (93% lean) for a good amount of fat

    DONT: eat fast food

    DONT: skip meals

    DO: eat things that are good for you, even if you dont like them. try them a few different ways and if you still just can NOT stomach them, find a good alternative. tuna and oats are bodybuilding staples, though i can count on one hand the number of people I have met who are born loving them

    DO: listen to your body. if you change something in your diet and dont like the way you feel, dont keep doing it. I usually let my sex drive tell me if im getting enough fats, and my workout/daily energy tell me if i need more carbs. It takes time to listen to your body, but you'll get it.

    DONT: TAKE STEROIDS!!! ffs, we cant stress it enough. you dont need em.

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    Actually, for a first cycle, we normally recommend 500mgs split into two doses twice a week for 12 weeks.

    What will be your results? Who knows! Everyone is different. It depends on how long you'be been training, for one. Your training split, how and when you eat, etc.

    Diet is extremely important... ditch the junk food.

    Also, do you have your PCT all sorted out?

    Tell us a bit about yourself... age, height, weight, body fat, years of training.
    We don't always get what we want.......

    But we eventually get what we deserve........

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    What will happen if i do go on them at this age. and remember i only wnna do 1 cycle just too kick start me off i dont wnna be no huge body builder i just wnna be about 30ilbs bigger

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    Hi am 18 years of age i know what your gonna say im to young and just eat but i really need to be bigger by june, so what would happen honestly if i went on test for 10 weeks with a small dosage every week (350mg) and that was it, i never touch steroids again.

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    i know a lad who has been on them since he was about 16 and he is ok, he got big in 5 weeks.

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