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Thread: Pct & work drug test

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    Default Pct & work drug test

    Hi, i dont' know if you guys already talked about this but this is my question, is pct detected by work drug test, I work for W++-M & they check for presciption meds not just for recreational.

    I will check back in maybe 12-13 hrs
    it will be greatly apretiated.

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    not our pervue, but my experience is that by Rx meds they mean barbs, opes, and the like. The typically abused stuff. Because to test for EVERY Rx med would be cost prohibitive. Take your HCG and your Nolva and party on dude!
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    dont worry dude.. i just took a drug test last week for a new job im starting and i was taking adex and nolva.. and i pass with no prob at all... so dont worry about it

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    Thanks for the reply; you know what they say better safe than sorry, thanks again.

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