hey guys just started my FIRST cycle today, got all my gear last night.
Info= 5'9, 165, 11%bf 23yr. old, been lifting about 6 yrs on and off but last 2 yrs consistent.
week 1-4 dbol 20mg ED
week 1-12 500mg test cyp (250 tue, fri,)
week 1-14 arimedex .5mg EOD
off week 13 & 14
nolva 30/20/20/10/10

so first time EVER injecting today and i used my right thigh. Question is that when i pressed down on plunger it was extremely hard to push liquid through. I aspirated first and im using 23g 1inch needles. Is the answer to just heat it up with hair dyrer or am i doing something wrong??? didnt hurt at all but getting tighter as day goes on as expected. also any vets. have any advice they could give along the lines of something that they wish they knew first cycle that they know now?? something unexpected??? thanks