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Thread: injectable winstrol orally

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    Default injectable winstrol orally

    can u take injectable winstrol orally and if so im taken 1cc eod for 2 1/2 month is that a good cycle

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    you can take injectable winny orally but you cant inject the oral winny.Would be better if you were running test with it.Just make sure you got all your liver detox tabs etc. and drink lots of water if you plan to do it orally

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    thxs bro and what about 1cc eod for 2 1/2 month does that sound good are do u know a better way

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    yeah thats fine bro.. Be good to up it to 1 1/2 cc towards the end of the course.. also have you got your pct etc.?

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    thxs again and what is pct ect ?

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    Not to be a dick but you have posted 5 threads asking the same fucking question about taking winny oraly, and all 5 times you got the same answer (yes you can, by some pretty credible bros) Is there something that im not understanding? how old are you anyways?

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    djno tab fuck u i ask what i want u no life sack off shit its a forum dip shit in a foum u ask ? and your a newbie and ur telling me about what im asking get a life and dont worry about what im asking OMG your keeping count LMAO

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    And by the way when u say not trying to be a dick that means u are a dick and dont worry about what the fuck im asking

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    Not to be a dick but over the last week or so i have noticed this same exact question being asked over and over again, i was like god damn does anybody actually read the post on here because someone just answered this question yesterday and the day before that and the day before that! and when i saw this question again the next day i cked it out and it was your dumb ass asking the same question again and again.(were you hopping for a different answer) you are correct this is a forum to ask and answer questions, but why ask the same question 10 times it makes no sence to me! I can see if you didn't get a responce to your question by all means ask again, but you did every single time. i bet you like that song 21 questions huh, you probally put it on repeat so you can hear it over and over again hoping the lyrics wll change..

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    Part of the winstrol profile:
    it’s able to be orally ingested instead of injected. However, since it is alkylated, it is also pretty liver toxic, having one of the worst hepatoxicity (mg for mg) of any steroid. As regards cholesterol, and it’s quite harsh on both LDL and HDL (3), and cardiac hypertrophy could be a possible concern with Winstrol also. (4) Needless to say, most men don’t use Winstrol for very long in their cycles, and limit it to about 6 weeks or so at 50-100mgs every day
    . So ya you can take orally. would I take it for 2 1/2 months no nor would I use it with out test as the main compound thats just my opinion.

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