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Thread: New & trying to be improved!

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    Question New & trying to be improved!

    Age: 27

    Weight: 240

    Height: 6 2

    I am looking for some info from the experts on here.* Or just someone who may have had the same experience.* I tend to fluctuate between 215lbs to 250lbs throughout the year (250 being from fat not muscle).* I have been very comfortable at 215 before and my goal was to reach that size then tighten up down to about 210 and start building some serious muscle.* But every time I get to 215, I start to build muscle, much slower then I would like and I usually hit a rut and start to gain fat again along with hitting a ceiling as far as my lifting goes.* I am currently 240 and I really want to get back down to at least 220 again. What should I take to get started on this?* Is there anything that will help me gain muscle and lose fat?* If I had to choose one, I would most definitely go for losing the fat and just cutting up what I have at this point.*

    I was going to start with a beginner cutting stack.*i was told from a site where I can buy oral pills that this wold be a good start: Beginner Cutting Stack Includes:

    1 x Trenbolone (Finaplix) 75
    1 x Winstrol
    1 x Clenbuterol
    1 x Anavar 10

    Is this a good start?*what if I just did this and stopped taking these supps? Any info would be greatly appreciated.* Thank you!

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    Terrible selection,hang around awhile ,and you will find that too many orals are hard on the liver, a good first cycle should be TEST peroid!

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    the gear you listed is a non-hormonal herbal "test booster" kind of thing (if its the ones you saw advertising on our main page) and will not give you the results you want.

    also, ALL steroids are for GROWTH. cut naturally with diet and cardio- maybe try some clen and E/C/A and then when you are in a good place fat wise, you can really focus on building some muscle

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    Im looking to do something like this soon myself. IM at 255 with a BF id rather not mention lol. Its over 20 put it that way. Ive decided to get my body healthy for now. Im going to concentrate on my vegtables and fruits. Throw my protein needed in there but its not going to be over the top. I want to drop down to the low 200s for sure. Im 6'3" and at 210 i know ill look and feel alot better. From there i plan on running 2 patterns during each year. Of course this is long term thinking and things change. I will try and build muscle for 6 months, then get back in the health and fitness side of things. Im figuring on one cycle a year and it will be a good one but not over the top.

    Stick around as there is much to learn. Im learning more each day on here.. Good luck

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    Thanks for the responses. So I am already changing my mind thanks to you all. You say clen may be a good idea for me. Is clen something good to take orally? I'm not against taking it differently but I just know it will be easier to find. Also E/C/A ??? If I do clen and also am on a good diet/exercise with protein and glutamine can I still rip up a bit? I want to get a move on with this as I am desperately needing a boost with results and a boost in energy.

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    Have you done research on clen? I would go look on the topics on this forum i posted something about a cycle to do and as like most looked for some help and they posed really good information on clen on my post i would look there and research it more before just jumping out and getting it. HERE

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