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Thread: Clen - to lose fat get cut?

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    Question Clen - to lose fat get cut?

    I have never done a cycle before. I am looking to lose about 35 lbs of fat while working out and then keeping it off by eating healthy and lifting right. I drink a good amount each week and I am worried of hurting my liver by taking pills. Is there any other options? Please help! where should I go? are the pills on "" legit? Can I do one cycle just to get my body where i need it to begin my natural work?

    Will one cycle with oral pills have bad side effects?

    You can tell I am new. But thats why I am here... Thanks

    Age - 27
    Weight - 240
    Height - 6' 2"

    Good weight to start building muscle and look healthy - 210-215

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    what exactly is it that you drink a good amount of a week? if its alcohole,i wouldnt suggest any type of steroid for you.Quitting drinking first you will probly find that that itself will cut your bf% down.

    have you even tryed tweaking you diet and doing cardio?
    post up your diet (daily) and what routines/excercises you do

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    Yeah man dont take clen unless you are already on your way, such as a few percent of body fat to lose to be in your ideal form. My thinking by your post and dont take this wrong, is that you are looking for a pill to get cut so you can keep your unhealthy lifestyle. It simply doesnt work that way. You need to get your eating habits in check and that includes drinking. Also clen isnt something that should be taken lightly. If taken improperly, it can have some undesired side effects.

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    ya clen is really not a joke, friend of mine thought he could go from 0 to 80 mcg and really hurt himself. got sick for a couple days couldnt lift didnt show up to work etc

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    Thanks guys! I had been working out about 4-6 days a week. 30 min of cardio then 30 minutes of lifting each day. I was staying around 1500 cals per day and on friday and saturday nights I would drink wine or beer. So nothing to crazy. But after 3 months I went on vacation and have not been able to snap out of that mode. I feel like those 3 months of hard work went away in 1 week of vacation. Now summer is here and I'm going in the wrong direction. Just looking for something to help me see results.

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    Like they said stop drinking first Clen is an oral it puts toxins in your liver. Beer/wine does the same thing and you can mess the liver up. If you are serious about taking Clen stop drinking for a good month first and take some milk thistle. Dont drink when you take an oral at all not a good idea my friend took winstrol and pissed blood.

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    You gotta shape up before you can ship out...agree with the others get it together,and BTW there is no magic pill. it all boils down to ,Hard work, diet & dedication,then a compound like clen can help you.

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    You don't start a cycle to get where you need to be, then go natural. You go natural and get where you need to be, this means till you reach full natural potential. This is done by diet, lifting, and cardio. After you have peaked and are very serious about living a healthy lifestyle thats when you start looking into other things such as a cycle.

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