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Thread: What An Ester Is And How It Works

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    now this is the info I didnt even know I needed. This is exactly why I joined this forum. Keep this type of knowledge spilling out to the newbies, like me. THANKS..

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    Default Agree whole-heartedly

    Quote Originally Posted by dannothemanno View Post
    Great threads SYL thanks for these. Its for information such as this that I originally joined this forum.
    This is why this is the best site on the web. Other sites have info, but only this one creates an atmosphere where actual learnign can take place. Other sites are comments like, good stuff. Great product, etc. This site is truly educational because it's membership and mods are all here to learn and grow in their understanding of the anabolics world. Thanks SYL.

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    Can you explain a little about hexahydrobenzylcarbonate? Most closely resembles which ester?

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    Just ask..I might just tell ya...


    way over my head at this point!!! ha-ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by banana joose View Post
    Can you explain a little about hexahydrobenzylcarbonate? Most closely resembles which ester?
    I goggled and got this.
    I believe the ester is the shortest one of them all and starts to break down immediately with full breakage after 8-9 hours.
    This is why Tren is sometimes painful after injection. From my own experience.

    Pharmaceutical Name: trenbolone (as hexahydrobencylcarbonate)
    Chemical structure: 17-beta-hydroxyestra-4, 9-11-trien-3-one
    Molecular weight of base: 270.3706
    Molecular weight of ester: 130.1864 (hexahydrobencylcarbonic acid, 7 carbons)

    Effective dose: 76 mg every 2-3 days, 152 mg every 3-4 days...
    Average Street-price: $70 per 76 mg vial
    Available Doses: 76 mg/1.5 ml

    Brands & Products:

    Negma Parabolan (FR) 76 mg/1.5 ml
    Also see "Finaplix/Finaject" profile.


    Parabolan is another trenbolone product, in the same nature as Finaplix, so what's been said for finaplix pretty much goes for Parabolan as well. It differs distinctly in a few characteristics. Parabolan is a different ester that acts considerably longer, meaning you could go longer without injecting. But since it comes in 76 mg vials and few people take the time to inject multiple vials at once, its still used on a frequent basis. 2 or 3 days between injections seems to be the general norm. Leading up to a similar build-up of 228-304 mg per week.

    Another difference is that Parabolan was specifically designed for human use. That would in itself make it a better choice than Finaplix because it needn't be prepared and the chance of faulty, painful, home-brewed injections decreases. But since it hasn't been manufactured in a while and legit lots only surface from time to time the price of the stuff is quite high. As more bodybuilders become aware of the absence of Finaject and that it is very hard to fake Finaplix, Parabolan is also being faked quite a bit. Usually fake trenbolone compounds are a low-dose testosterone propionate product. This has often lead to the belief that trenbolone causes gyno and other estrogenic effects, but that simply isn't true.

    This belief has taken on a life of its own though. Making theories pop up all over the place. The only one that made sense, from some point at least, was that trenbolone was progestagenic and acted at the progesterone receptor. Its structure is similar to nandrolone, so this is a logical assumption. But even then, for progesterone activation to cause things like gyno, it needs to act as an estrogen agonist. It needs an estrogen as mediator. Since trenbolone doesn't cause aromatization, any sighting of gyno with trenbolone use should be regarded as a misinterpretation and is most likely to blame on another compound, an aromatizable one. So while trenbolone may increase the risk of gyno when stacked with heavily aromatizing substances, its simply not true that trenbolone alone causes gyno.

    For more information on the substance trenbolone I refer you to the Finaplix profile...

    Stacking and Use:

    Trenbolone is relatively safe steroid all in all. There is some concern about kidney toxicity, but usually exaggerated. The beauty of trenbolone is that its one steroid that has it all : Its highly effective in its own, provides all lean gains which are fairly easy to maintain and isn't very prone to cause side-effects. Parabolan is the more expensive way to go, but definitely the most userfriendly as you side-step the need to make your own home-brewed concoction and any risk of involuntary infections and abscesses. Parabolan is quite hard to come by however, and should you find a real one, its not all that cheap.

    Trenbolone doesn't have to be stacked per se, its quite effective on its own and as such is quite popular with beginners as it delivers good lean gains without extra costs. 76 mg every two or three days and you are done. But some prefer to stack it, and justly so. As a strong androgen mediator it stacks particularly well with base steroids such as nandrolone, boldenone and methenolone. Nandrolone for bulking, methenolone for cutting and boldenone can be used for either. As with basically any steroid, it stacks quite well with all forms of testosterone as well, most notably testosterone propionate during a cutting cycle.

    Trenbolone is preferred over Winstrol, Masteron, Proviron and so forth in strength, so simply upping the dose to every day would be a better choice than stacking it with these compounds. Great gains can be obtained using oxymetholone or methandienone with trenbolone. Of course for short stacks of 6 odd weeks, and taking the necessary precautions. You need to use Nolva and probably add some winstrol if you are stacking with oxymetholone, since both oxy and tren have some progestagenic activity. So all in all a very useful, powerful and versatile steroid in use.

    There is little or no need to stack secondary drugs with Parabolan. It does not aromatize. There is some concern as to Parabolan being progestagenic, so you should you opt to stack it with an aromatizable compound it may worsen potential gynocomastia so adding winstrol or Nolvadex, or even both to such a stack may be wise. But in itself or in a non-aromatizing stack this is not necessary. The use for post-cycle estrogen antagonists is limited as well, so Nolva or clomid to boost natural test will have little use. It is a very strong androgen receptor agonist however, so perhaps using some HCG from the second to the before last week of a cycle may help you retain more gains and prevent testicular shrinkage.

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    WOW!!!! U really know ur stuff thanks for all the info that helps me understand more about what i'm getting my self into!!! All the info u provided was MUCH appericated! This is exactlly why I joined this place. Can u help me out with some other questions i have????

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