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Thread: ? on Dostinex/Cabergoline ?

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    Default ? on Dostinex/Cabergoline ?

    Is Cabergoline the same thing as Dostinex? I'm gearing up to do some Deca and need to know if I should have some of this on hand? I'll probably run around 300 -500mg/wk of deca with 500mg/wk of Test E fyi- I already have arimidex and nolvadex on hand too. If I need Cabergoline/Dostinex how much should I take? I'm 180lbs. and have been lifting for over 10 years. This will be my 3rd cycle.


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    yes, that's the generic name for Dostinex.

    I'd suggest a site which I use to look up names of generics:

    MedicineNet - Health and Medical Information Produced by Doctors

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    Default It's basically the same thing

    I would run the dostinex at .25 e3d. Some don't even use it unless they have ED problems. Many will also tell you that if you run enough test with the deca you won't even need the dost. I personally would have it on hand just in case. IN fact I would go ahead and run it anyway to prevent the just in case situation from arising. Does it cause heart problems? Maybe, maybe not, but at that dose it should not be an issue.

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    What kind of heart problems are associated with the use of this?

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    heart valve damage at high doses for extended periods. Most of the studies with valve damage showed patient's taking 20 mg's daily. We dose around .25 mg's every 3rd day.

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