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Thread: Blood test for Testosterone

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    Question Blood test for Testosterone

    Hey guys,

    So I just came back from my doctor's appt just for a check up as I was feeling sinusitis symptoms. Everything checked out fine and I guess I just over-reacted(whew, lol!). She then gave me a labwork request for an annual physical. I asked her if she can include in the paperwork to check for my Testosterone and Lipid, Liver and thyroid profiles. SHe then asked me "are you gonna try another supplement again!??" LOL...

    Rewind four years back: I went to her and honestly said to her that I was going to try a pro-hormone supplement(she did not know what pro-hormones were). I disclosed to her that this was not steroid and it is legal. To cut the long story short, she gave me some advice about supplements and its dangers but since I made up my mind already, she ordered me labwork before, mid, and after my pro-hormone cycle. Which was really helpful since I got to know some stuff about reading some test results.

    Fast Forward to today: I answered her question and said "yes, i will try some supplements so I kind of wanted to know my baseline values.. She agreed and now I can have my testosterone/liver/lipid/thyroid starting values prior to my cycle. Is she a cool doctor or what! She has been my doctor for years now so we do have a good relationship.

    QUESTION: For my mid cycle and after cycle bloodwork, what would you do if you were in my case:

    Option 1 - Go to my doctor and have her write paperwork for the tests needed. Covered by insurance so $0 co-pay. However, test results will be forwarded to doctor and I am not sure how real steroids would affect baseline values so that might open some suspicions

    Option 2 - Go to an online direct lab and pay $79. They write the labwork paperwork, order a Testosterone(total and free) test, then you go to their designated lab for blood drawing(there is one like 5 minutes from my place). Test results are then just forwarded to your online account (no experience with this type of service before).

    Any of you guys have availed of online labs that can write bloodwork request for you? If there is one cheaper than 79 bucks, let me know please!

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    go the doctor route.. thats what i did... :-)

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    Tough call there. Your T levels on cycle will be through the roof and she will know it isn't from pro-hormones unless she is clueless. You may find out just how cool she is or isn't.
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    Several thoughts there to ponder. I would skip the mid cycle test or go for the $79 test then use your doctor for the post cycle testing.

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    x2...^^^ Juice is still as illegal as heroin.

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