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Thread: 4 weeks and still nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by strappingyounglad View Post
    muscles aren't built out of oil... Well maybe unless your name is greg valentino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrappingYoungLad View Post
    That's true. The body doesn't have "Deca" receptors. Also IMO, downregulation is a myth, as high dosages of AAS have been shown to increase number of receptors. You need to wait, and also probably eat lots more protein than you normally do. Muscles aren't built out of oil... Well maybe unless your name is Greg Valentino.
    There is much debate over downregulation and I'm not convinced it is fact either. The point of adding another compound from my view wasn't due to that it was simply that other compounds act differently in the body and could help produce results that he isn't getting at this point.
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