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Thread: Real Clen?

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    Default Real Clen?

    i Bought this clen from a site online, its from bulgaria and looks legit. The problem is i barley feel anything. first time i took it 40 mcg i felt a headache.second time 80 cause i was impatient, and still just a headache and not even sure if i felt shakes. i went up to 120 mcg and 4rth day now on 120 mcg and i don't feel anything more. i think i felt slight shakes but not sure . shouldn't the side effects be stronger all i feel is slight headache and barley shakes or nothing how should i feel with these? they are 20 mcg each pill. very small nothing on the pill except a split in half line.
    Are they real?
    LOOK AT ALL PICS , Srry about some pics being backwards. And i forgot to say the brand is SOPHARMA

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