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Thread: Mass gain

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    Question Mass gain

    I am 6'1 at 185 pounds. Body fat is around 10-13% not sure though. My goal is to get to 205 pounds at around 8-10% body fat.
    Right now my diet every day consists of:
    Carbs-300-350 grams
    Fat:100-120 grams
    Protein-260-350 grams

    Fish oil, flaxseed oil, tribulus root, N.O xplode, whey protein

    I workout once a day usually five to six times a week doing 8-10 reps and 4 sets per workout.
    Saturday: off
    Sunday: legs/shoulders

    In the past month all I have noticed is that I'm not gaining weight, I actually feel I'm either staying the same or at times dropping. I was wondering of anyone could help me out with achieving my goals. Thank you!

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    I'm not expecting to gain 15 pounds over night or anything I
    Just wondering what to expect or any advice if I am doing something wrong

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    You need more rest days, you grow when you rest and sleep. I was like you working out 6 days a week, and wasn't getting bigger. Now I am doing the boss hogg routine and no cardio during my 18 week bulk cycle. Sunday was the start of week 4. I have put on 15 pounds, about 5 is water, but only 4 weeks in. I still feel weird not going to the gym all the time, but is getting easier. The hardest part is forcing the food down every 2 hours. I am eating about 4k cals a day. sometimes more sometimes less, like when I have Jujitsu, burns 800 cals an hour hard to make up the cals. lol. I hope this helps you some. Look for the Boss Hogg routine under workouts. Its a great workout, i did workout B today and the rest of the day I drop things, from being so worn out.
    Bench 285x5
    Squat 400x5
    Dead 450x5
    Leg Press 1000x8

    Start Weight: 296 dn to 179
    Current Weight: 202
    Current Cycle: EQ, Test E, 20 weeks
    Previous Cycles: Test P-11 Weeks

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    If you aren't gaining weight, 97% of the time you aren't eating enough. Up your calories by 500/day and see what you gain in a couple weeks..
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