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Thread: tren itches??

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    Default tren itches??

    been taking 75mg eod day of tren for a 2 weeks then bumped it up to 100eod cause thats what planned to run,few days after i bumped it up i started to get bad itches all over my body day and night. its pretty annoying

    anyway to stop the itching other then to stop running tren?
    thanks again guys

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    i started getting itchy on tren but went away..

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    lol i had the same thing itchy hands and feet and my hands would swell up,, i took piriton allergy tabs, now im good,, give it a try.

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    When it comes to allergies to medications it sometimes is dose dependent and also can get worse as the compound builds up in your system. I would lower the dose back down, you're not going to notice a difference in your gains. Like slimbad said you can take allergy meds to combat the itching. Hospitals use diphenhydramine (benadryl) on patients having allergic reactions. I suggest taking it at night as it causes drowsiness.
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    I had insomnia from tren, a buddy told me to take benadryl. never had a problem after. It might work for you itching too

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    thanks alot for the help guys, really appreciate it. gonna give it a try and if not ill lower the dose

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