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Thread: diet advice

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    Post diet advice

    i am going to start cycle in 2 weeks and want to build gain muscle mass but not to much fat,
    i would like any info for a good diet plan and cals protein carbs intake,
    age 40 yrs,
    5ft 8-9 inch,
    weight 12st 4lbs,
    b/fat 14%,
    13st 10lbs,
    b/fat 10% max,
    thanks for your time,
    happy new year all.
    ps not to keen on fish,

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    What does weight 12st mean?

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    Default advice

    what i weigh now 12 stone 4lbs or 172 lbs

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    You usually want 40% protein 40% carbs and 20% fat, I keep mine at 50/40/10 most days. I am running a 16 wk test E and Eq cycle right now, I am currently in week 13 and went from 179 to 216. I like the nice lean gains from eq, i may run it longer depending if i can keep stuffing myself for that long. Check out the Diet section, search for mass/bulking diets and a bunch of great threads will come up. That should answer a bunch of your questions.
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    your looking at around 2700 calories per day. break that down to 40 40 20 and post up your diet plans and let members adjust it. all clean food natral. minimal sugar no processed junk. seems most can eat big on cycle without gaining much fat so long as its clean food.

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