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Thread: 7 Ways to Increase Libido Naturally

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    Default 7 Ways to Increase Libido Naturally

    This information has been based on personal experience and research.Its not guaranteed to cure your problem.


    Natural Sunlight

    Have you ever noticed your sex drive being high above the normal during those hot peroids in summer? This could be the reason why.
    Natural sunlight is detected by the body through the eye's retina.Natural light is known to suppress the production of melatonin in the body which is produced by the retina and also the pineal gland in the brain.Melatonin is known to kill sex hormones in the body,especially testosterone.Melatonin is always higher in winter and lower in summer due to the amount of sunlight being absorbed by the body.So to suppress melatonin,get as much sun as you can.


    We all know that diet is the first thing that determines how we feel.Eating healthy and consuming hormone increasing foods is one of the best ways to naturally increase libido.There are a whole range of foods filled with essential ingredients that help our bodys in so many different ways aswell as boosting our sex drive.Foods filled with EFA (essential fatty acids) are proven to raise testosterone in the body.Foods that contain Zinc help inhibit the enzyme aromatise which is the enzyme responsable for converting testosterone into estradiol and Androstenedione into estrone.These two hormones (estradiol+estrone) belong to the group of estrogen hormones,responsable for symtoms such as,Erectyle disfunction,low libido,depression,water retention and gynocosmia.Any foods that contain nutrients that help with stress and circulation play a major role in maintaining libido.Foods containing bromelain such as bannanas also help to keep you sexually active.
    .Here is a list of foods that can increase testosterone naturally in the body.


    exercising regularly can keep you sexually active.A healthy body means a healthy sex life.Exercising helps supress stress and keeps a healthy blood cirrculation in the body which is very essential for maintaining erections and boosting your libido.Cardio such as swimming,running and sprints are great for this as they train the heart to become stronger.Although alot of you body builders would not like to be seen doing yoga,remembering yoga is a great way to reduce stress and keep flexible,Anything that can help is a thumbs up for me.

    Natural Supplements

    Im sure you have all tried atleast one of these in your time,some think they are rubbish,others may thrive on them.I have some great results,not exactly from the commercial brands but from the natural plant form itself.

    Epimedium:Epimedium or as you would know it by 'Horny Goat Weed' has been used for centuries not only in china but around the world to increase libido and sexual performance.It has also been recommended to many patients by doctors who could not treat the patients problems by viagra due to heart problems.It is a substance that can be seen in most tribulas and test booster products today.The great thing about Epimeduim is that not only is it great for libido but it offers a great range of other benifits helping with joint pain,high blood pressure,fatigue and bronchitis.
    Morinda Officinalis:This herb has been used to treat people with blood circulation problems,high blood pressure and has also been shown to strengthen the endocrine system.For those who dont know what your endocrine system is,its pretty much the starting line for certain hormones.The endocrine system is a group of glands that release hormones into the blood stream.
    Chinese Yam:Chinese Yam is another traditional plant that has been used for many years in chinese medicine.Chinese yam has been used to help fight symtoms such as premature ejaculation,stress,derceased appitite,decreased libido and general weakness.
    Poria Cocos:In my opinion,this is one great supplement for many reasons.The number of different benefits this has is excellent.Not so much for boosing libido in general,but helping alot of of other conditions that can be essential for boosting libido.Effects such as maintaining heart health,improving function of the liver and kidneys,balance blood sugar levels,boost fat metabolism,minimize pores and acne,strengthen vital energy,protect bone marrow,builds immunity,helps fight stress+Insomnia,increases appitite along with many other benifits.
    Ginseng::Ginseng is a well known product that is very popular these days.Used for treatement in erectyle disfunction,lowering blood glucose levels and controlling blood pressure.

    Sleep and stress

    Theres no question that sleep is one of the most important things in life,but for us who body build and want maxium growth and recovery its something that we should get atleast 8 hours minimum of a night.When we sleep its when our body's repair themselves,not just that,but its when our bodys are at the peak of producing hormones for the body to function,hence the reason for that morning glory.Insomnia and other sleep related problems are associated with stress.High stress equals a low sex drive.This is no rumour so if you plan on raising your libido,eliminate as much stress from your day as possible.

    Keeping Sexually Active

    Have you ever heard the phrase,'Use it or Lose it'? This is an actual fact in my case.
    Over the many years i have been a pretty sexually active person.I have seemed to notice many times that if i take a break from sex,the longer i go without it the more i lose my sex drive.As soon as i get back in the game it starts increasing again.Having said that,the stress levels decrease also.Although i have researched to try and find the science behind this,i havent found nothing.In my opinion i think every person has to stay sexually active,no less than once a week.Not only do we like it,but its also excercise.If its burning calories,lowering stress,raising libido and ofcourse your getting some,its an all round win for in my book.

    Blood Circulation

    libido and erectle function are a big part of blood circulation.Not only is blood flow used to maintain an erection but remebering that blood is like a delivery truck for your hormones and cholesterole delivering them all through the blood stream.Fatty foods,smoking and lack of excercise are a major cause of bad blood flow,not only resulting in poor libido but even life threatening heart and blood pressure issues.supplements such as hawthorn extract,fish oil,vit E,china seed,good fats such as polyunsaturated,monounsaturated and other omega three fatty acid foodse great for circulation.
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    Not post Dleat. Thanks for sharing.

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    nice post dleato. Thanks for sharing.
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    interesting read on the herbs. thanks for posting that up.
    Haste la

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    no problems guys,ive exp the bad sides of deca before,alot of these solutions helped me to get my libido back again.Hope it helps for you as it did for me.

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    Great post bro. I've tried it all Really! Like devoted my life to it,now I'm ready to move on to next stage .

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